Posted February 14th, 2017 by Emma.

Equine Insurance: Carrier Ratings

When you are seeking equine insurance, an agency’s product knowledge, experience and prompt personal service will no doubt rank at the top of your priorities. This is also where trust enters the equation. Perhaps without giving it much thought, clients trust that they will be placed with an insurance carrier that will honor their obligations. That means that agencies should be paying attention to the financials of the companies they represent.

A.M. Best is widely considered to be the leading rating organization that evaluates the financial and management strength of insurance companies. Using letter ratings, “A+” is the very best down to “D” which is considered poor. When a carrier is rated below “D” they are typically under either some degree of regulatory supervision or in liquidation. “NR” is assigned when a company lacks operating experience, when there is insufficient data or due to a uniqueness of the carrier. While “B+” may be good, a carrier with a rating of “B” or less is considered “vulnerable” and needs to be watched carefully.

So rest assured. In the event of a loss resulting in a claim the carriers that Blue Bridle places your business with are not only specialists in underwriting equine risks but they are financially secure. All of the companies this agency represents have either “A” or “A+” excellent ratings. Bottom line – that matters!

When you have any questions or a need for equine insurance, our agents are more than happy to assist you. You can place your confidence and trust in Blue Bridle; serving the equestrian community since 1982.

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