Posted May 25th, 2017 by Emma.

Farmowners Insurance: Property Inspection

When prospective clients visit your stable to inquire about boarding, training or riding instruction, they will get a favorable first impression when the property appears to be neat and well maintained. Are the stalls clean with ample bedding, fenced pastures for turnout, knowledgeable staff?

Now consider the first impression of an insurance agent who is visiting your stable to take an application for a farmowners insurance policy. As a representative of an insurance company, the agent must inspect the property to determine if this is a risk that can be recommended to the company.

Buildings and fences that show overall evidence of being well maintained is a good start. In other words, pride of ownership should be evident. Now the agent must take a closer look at what the owner/operator is doing to prevent a potential loss. Following are just some of the items the agent will take a closer look at:

• Fencing should not only be in good condition but should be suitable for containing horses safely.
• Good housekeeping – clean, uncluttered aisles (and note that excessive cobwebs in the barns is a way of spreading fire rapidly).
• Tall grass, weeds or debris near the buildings as this also contributes to the rapid spread of fire and in addition this presents a potential liability hazard.
• Proper hay storage in a well ventilated area is critical.
• Fire extinguishers should be available in each building and be fully charged.
• Are there hose lines available near each building?
• Electrical fixtures should be free of dust, dirt, cob webs, chaff, hay or combustible materials. (Caution – never use extension cords as an electrical line on a permanent basis.)
• Are cages installed around the light fixtures?
• And surely you have posted no smoking signs, safety rules and, where mandated by law, signs warning of the inherent danger of being on or around horses.

Our Blue Bridle agents routinely inspect and re-inspect properties that are insured through this agency. Should there be a loss, however, be assured that all the available farmowners insurance coverage you have selected will be there to help restore you.

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