Posted December 21st, 2017 by Emma.

Horse Insurance – Christmas Horse

How do you wrap a new horse for Christmas (much less get it down the chimney)! Wrap the horse insurance policy in a gift box instead! Surprise! Include horse treats, a halter, lead line, grooming tools – whatever the new horse owner will need. And now what.

Let’s hope that you have done your homework and understand that horse ownership comes with a great responsibility, not the least is the never ending expense. Be prepared for the routine cost of boarding and training, bills from the vet and the farrier. And if this is to be a show horse, factor in the cost of tack and clothing appropriate for the chosen discipline. Then add the cost of shipping the horse to a show and accommodations for both horse and family. This is not the time for second thoughts. You have already considered the pros and cons and have determined that it’s all worth every penny! (What’s more, we tend to agree!)

There is something you can do to cushion the expense of veterinary treatment for the unexpected injury or illness that could be a burden not anticipated. Your horse insurance mortality policy may include a major medical (includes surgical) endorsement. Or surgical and/or colic endorsements to the policy are options worth consideration.

Look into private horse owner equine liability insurance also as it may be excluded on your Homeowners policy. It is important to know you’re protected! Discuss your needs and the options available to you with your agent.

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