Posted May 2nd, 2018 by Emma.

Horse Insurance: When to Report an Equine Claim

We are frequently asked this question- “When is it necessary to report a claim on my horse insurance policy”. The answer is whenever your vet sees your horse for anything other than routine care.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of compliance with policy condition. The policy states that failure to satisfy the conditions will invalidate coverage and will release the company from liability in respect of that claim. One of the Conditions clearly advises that the insured must give immediate notice to the Company when a horse is receiving veterinary care for an accident, injury, illness lameness condition, disease or physical disability. Perhaps you are thinking that your horse’s issue is minor and you hesitate to give notice. The problem could escalate quickly so better to play it safe. If the problem led you to having a vet see your horse, it should be reported to the claims department.

Basic Guidelines:

  • If you need to call a veterinarian to examine or treat your horse, report the incident at once.
  • Permission for elective surgery (such as castration) must be obtained in advance. Contact Blue Bridle to add coverage to your policy.
  • Emergency surgery (to save the life of the animal) can proceed on the advice of your veterinarian if there is not time to call the company claims adjuster. In this case, notify the adjustor as soon as possible.
  • Permission must be obtained to euthanize an animal. If it is an emergency situation, consent is not required if the attending veterinarian states that immediate euthanasia is necessary to prevent inhumane suffering.
  • An autopsy and post mortem examination at the owner’s expense must be obtained.
  • Call police is cases of theft, shooting or vehicular involvement.

The Claims Department Numbers:

Call 1-800-331-0211 if your policy is with Great American Insurance Company.

Call 1-800-783-9418 if your policy is with Argonaut Insurance Company.

Call 1-800-732-6012, if your policy is with XL Group Insurance, American Reliable Insurance Company or Bascule Equine Underwriting.

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