Care Custody and Control – legal liability insurance

This insurance provides coverage for your legal liability for injury or even the death of a non-owned horse that you have in your care custody and control. (This does not include your horses or ones you may be leasing.) If you are in the business of boarding or training horses for others, it is highly recommended that this protection be added by endorsement to your Commercial Liability policy. Coverage may be included for transportation of horses which is incidental to your business.

There are many limits available for your selection – from $2,500 to $500,000 per horse with variable aggregates. There is no deductible.

When choosing a limit, consider how many horses are in your care and how valuable they are. The limits on the policy include the cost to defend a suit that may be brought against you as a result of alleged negligence on your part. Keep that in mind when selecting the limits you are comfortable with.

The application must be completed in order to obtain a quote. Contact Us to discuss your options or questions with an experienced Blue Bridle agent.