Insurance Options for Horse Breeders

If your operations include horse breeding, there are more choices besides medical insurance to consider. Stallion Infertility and Prospective Foal coverage may be important options for you to add by endorsement to your mortality policy.

Stallion Infertility (ASD)

This coverage can be added to the policy for horse breeders and will pay up to the limit of insurance should the animal become totally and permanently infertile, impotent or incapable of serving mares as a direct result of an accident, sickness or disease (ASD) which occurs during the policy term. A fertility exam is required with application. If a claim is paid under this endorsement to the policy, the entire ownership interest in that stallion is transferred to the insurance carrier.

Prospective Foal

Inquire about the availability of this insurance and application requirements for Thoroughbred broodmares that do not have a guaranteed live foal contract.

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