Horse Insurance Options

When purchasing insurance for horses, most of your needs are met with the mortality policy and the added medical coverage. There are situations, however, where you may want to consider additional coverage such as Loss of Use. And, most certainly, if your horse is purchased in Europe or traveling internationally for training or competition, you will want your policy endorsed to extend coverage abroad. This requires company approval. These horse insurance options are described below.

Territory Extension / Air Transit

The Full Mortality policy includes coverage for the peril of transporting a horse (including loading and unloading) by aircraft or land vehicle within the United States and Canada. However, when a horse is shipped internationally, outside of the territory as defined in the policy, there is no coverage unless you request that this extension be added to the policy. (Additional premium applies.)

Loss of Use Insurance

Your horse may be eligible for “full loss of use” due to illness or disease as well as an accident. If you opt for this coverage, a full veterinary exam is required plus a loss of use exam which includes radiographs. You must have medical insurance on the horse as a prerequisite for Loss of Use. Options vary with regard to disposition of the horse as part of the claim settlement. This coverage is generally available to dressage and hunter/jumper show horse disciplines, actively competing, ages 3 through 12 and with an insured value of $25,000 to $500,000.

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