Blue Bridle Insurance provides equine insurance for every horse owner. Whether your horse is a pleasure horse or is actively competing, your horse is a significant investment and  one worth protecting. Blue Bridle offers insurance plans to help protect your investment with several options to enhance your Mortality Coverage such as:

  • Equine Surgical and/or Colic Only
  • Equine Major Medical Insurance
  • Equine Medical Assistance
  • Equine Accident & Illness Insurance
  • Territory Extension/Air Transit

Blue Bridle Insurance also offers surgical-only coverage, colic only coverage, loss of use, and coverage for stallion accident, sickness, or disease.

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Equine Mortality Insurance

Equine Full Mortality is life insurance for your horse. Equine full mortality insurance reimburses you the insured value of your horse for death due to accident, injury, illness, disease or humane destruction (when deemed necessary by a veterinarian) and includes theft. Eligible horses must be between the ages of 31 days through 20 years old. Please note, all of our policies are Agreed Value policies. More info…

Equine Major Medical Insurance

Equine Major Medical is a health insurance endorsement that can be added to your Equine Mortality insurance policy. This endorsement is not offered on a stand alone basis. The company will pay reasonable and customary veterinarian fees for covered surgical procedures, medical treatment or diagnostic testing provided to your horse due to an accident, injury, lameness condition, illness or disease. A deductible may apply per occurrence and there may be a co-pay provision. Eligible horses must be between the ages of 31 days and 20 years. More info…

Equine Accident & Illness Insurance

Equine Accident & Illness insurance coverage reimburses you for veterinary bills if the horse has a traumatic injury or illness or has a colic episode. It covers many diagnostic tests, such as blood work, x-rays and ultrasound for illness but does not cover any lameness diagnostics or treatment unless due to trauma. This coverage is designed to cover an injury due to an accident or if the horse gets sick, not a wear-and-tear type lameness. More info…

Territory Extension/Air Transit

The Territory Extension/Air Transit endorsement extends the Equine Mortality policy anywhere outside the United States and Canada. When a horse is shipped internationally, outside of the territory as defined in the policy, there is no coverage unless you request that this extension be added to the policy.

Additional Equine Insurance Coverages

Surgical Only Coverage, Colic Only Coverage, Loss of Use, and Stallion Accident/Sickness/Disease are also available.

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