Forms and applications for various types of equine insurance, including forms that may be needed to supplement the equine insurance application, are listed below.

Forms indicated with a Adobe Acrobat Icon (Adobe Acrobat) may be downloaded, printed, and completed. Once completed and signed, mail or fax the form(s) to Blue Bridle. You may also scan the signed forms if you choose to email them to our office. All applications must bear your signature before submitting. Electronic signatures are not accepted for these forms. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these forms.

Forms indicated with a Adobe Sign Icon (Adobe Sign) can be completed and signed online by clicking on the link.

Please email or contact Blue Bridle if you have coverage questions or for assistance in completing the application.

Horse Insurance Forms

Adobe Acrobat Icon Mortality [download PDF]—Complete and sign for Mortality, Major Medical and other insurance options for your horse.

Adobe Acrobat Icon Health Statement [download PDF]—To be completed and signed by the insurance applicant when a veterinary examination is not required. Submit this signed form with your Mortality Application.

Adobe Acrobat Icon Mortality, Renewal [download PDF]—Provided for your convenience when renewing your policy. The Health Statement is included in this form.

Adobe Acrobat Icon Justification of Value [download PDF]—Submit when requesting an amount of insurance that exceeds purchase price, if increasing coverage or as required by the Company.

Adobe Acrobat Icon Veterinary Examination [